Griot ~ poetry by KJ Hannah Greenberg

Imbongi, praise singer, passions’ planter, ancestors’ defender,
Reciter of penetrating poetry (divulging familial interactions),
Reteller of histories, commentator on community affairs, she
Dares pronounce the ineffable.

During ceremonial activities, or else thru “important” episodes,
Outrageous statements, critical rhetoric, and indelicate remarks,
That gnarled woman remains protected by champions, dreaded,
Revered as her revelations.

Ancient wisdom vas, whose atonal maw music oft intensifies,
Might replace, breathe as hamal for forgotten sagacities, eche
Perspective via précis, allusive metaphors, bewildering motes,
Outrageous lectures.

Until now, pugnacious warriors prevented her demise, strove
To impede any person intent on chopping her up then tossing
Her viscera to conures. Only that woman recognizes how, why
Each one of us will perish.

KJ Hannah Greenberg has been playing with words for an awfully long time. Her newest collection of poetry (and art!) is One-Handed Pianist (Hekate Publishing, 2021). What’s more, she completing a poetry omnibus, Miscellaneous Parlor Tricks.

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