Love Letter to My Favorite Ghost ~ poetry by Pamela Miller

Poem made from movie lines spoken by actor Laird Cregar, who died in 1944 at age 31

Mr. Samuel Laird Cregar
Eventide Section, Lot 37, Space 2
Forest Lawn Memorial Park

Dearest Haunter:

You’re a pretty cocky fella.
You’ve had your own way for a long time.

Oh, I know your type. Your act is very charming.
A man can destroy what he hates and love what he destroys.

Allow me to be very frank with you:
Only the beauty remains.

Do you believe in hope?
“That’s a horrible word. It’s revolting!”

That’s what you say. But you can’t sell me on it.
Deep water is dark and restful and full of peace.

Don’t you trust me?
Well, it’s no use. I don’t have to make bargains with you.

I’ll follow you into your grave.
I’ll write my name on your tombstone.

Someday you’re going to talk in your sleep.
When that day comes, I want to be around.

Pamela Miller is a Chicago-based writer who has published four books of poetry, most recently Miss Unthinkable (Mayapple Press). Her poems have recently appeared, or are forthcoming, in Mojave River Review, Nixes Mate Review, Third Wednesday, Santa Clara Review, RHINO, Gyroscope Review and elsewhere. She’s currently working on a fifth collection, tentatively titled How to Do the Greased Wombat Slide.