Double Truth Deals ~ a board game by C. B. Auder

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GAME PLAY: Participants start in the juicy center of the trash gyre (Spiral Recipe Ham) and work their way out towards the sweet release of a well-blown nose, by rolling the die (not included). Also not included are playing pieces. This creates more freedom of choice than any of the loser games manufactured during the previous Administration. Note: Before collapsing resignedly into a neck-breaking chair and starting your own personal DTD journey, make sure to plan ahead. While escape is theoretically possible, you should expect to enjoy this game for a good, long while. And remember: drinking squares are thoughtfully scattered throughout, so BYOB and B plenty of it!

WARNING: Double Truth Deals is not recommended for sad losers. On the contrary, the game provides participants with a rich opportunity to imagine the numerous, colorful paths through 21st-century life. Should you find yourself repeating certain legs of the journey more times than you can count, do not panic. This feature has been specially designed into the system, to help legal citizens feel more comfortable at home.

Artist’s Statement: I made this collage in January 2017 to express my passion about U.S. election results, from the cheapest crap I could find lying around the house. The backing is an old scrap of flooring paper crudely glued to a large piece of industrial cardboard from a wood-pellet delivery. Game spaces are 4×6 cards, hastily cut and placed by eye. Words and pictures are sourced primarily from junk mail. The title strip is made of sickly-orange card stock that has since faded (a happy accident, as it now better matches the overall feeling of puce).

C.B. Auder’s writing and art have appeared in Cotton Xenomorph, Cleaver, Unbroken, Storm Cellar, Jersey Devil Press, A cappella Zoo, and elsewhere. Find Aud on Twitter at @cb_auder.