What We Have Here … ~ fiction by Lori Bonati

Nice day isn’t it, I asked my husband.

Yes, it reminds me of that día cuando viajamos a la playa.

What did you say?

Le jour last summer, pour l’anniversaire de ma sœur. 
No te recuerdes?

Wait, slow down. I can’t understand you.

I said I agree. It’s a beautiful day. Maybe we should go inside.
It’s too hot.

What?!! I thought you just agreed that it’s gorgeous out.

I did, I’m just agreeing with you. Why do you always
have to be so difficult?

I’m not being difficult, I’m just trying to ask you a question!

Calm down, ma cherie. What is your pregunta?

My what?

(Sigh) Never mind. It wasn’t important.

What wasn’t important? Are you saying my question
wasn’t important?

Of course not, but I guess you’ll believe what you want to believe.
You never did like string beans.

What do string beans have to do with it?

Just forget it. Maintenant, s’il vous plait, let’s go … oh,
by the way, necesito a new toothbrush.

Oh my God! Did you just interrupt yourself AND speak
in three different languages in the same sentence?
No wonder I can’t understand you.

I’m being perfectly clear. It’s not my fault that you
woke up in a bad mood.

I didn’t! Can we just change the subject?

Sure. Ma non ho linguini al castello.

Are you kidding me? Now you’re speaking Italian?
What the hell is going on?

Hey, I’m just making conversation. I guess I just won’t talk at all.
That’s what te quieres, am I right?

(Head in hands) No, that’s NOT what I want. Why do you always
do that? I’m trying to communicate with you, and you shut down.

I’m not shutting down, I’m just tired. Muy cansado. Can’t you
give me a break? Next thing I know you’ll ruin
this belle jour et … mierde! La música de mi corazón!
Blah blah blah and quantum mechanics and
Star Wars! Let’s go buy some beef jerky, because il pleut.

I want a divorzio.

Lori Bonati is either a musical writer or a writerly musician, or maybe she’s just a person. She loves kids, cooking, and nature. She’s been combining all interests lately. She just wrote a set of children’s songs about the seasons, and she’s working on a musical cookbook. You can get to know Lori by reading her blogs, browsing her books, and listening to her music. Look for her at loristory.wordpress.com, amazon.com, pacificbuffalo.com, and cdbaby.com.

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