Vaginal Claw Press Information ~ press release by Meredith Wadley


January 31, 2032

Positive Data Reports for Vaginal Claw®
and Development of New Claws Out! Product

Claws Out! proudly announces that from 2026–2031, wherever our best-selling Vaginal Claw® is legal and available, reported vaginal rapes and unwanted pregnancies fell by 60% and are forecasted to continue falling. Data also indicates that Vaginal Claw® accessibility positively impacts long-term sexual relationship rates across all twenty-three states. A galloping increase in the number of vagina-born women holding corporate board positions and public offices throughout the Democratic States of America speaks for itself.

The Vaginal Claw®, installed via a small and safe surgical procedure, fits any size native or surgically tailored vaginal space. Adjustments for fluctuations due to stimulation, menses, maturation, or aging are automatic. Claws Out! is an all vagina-born team, and our physicians are in-house trained and certified. The numbers of pre-pubescent vaginas, surgical and non-surgical, being fitted with a Vaginal Claw® is experiencing a sharp increase.

Claws Out! proudly offers full subsidies to the underprivileged. Go to Vaginal Claw® FAQs for information about qualifying and applying for a subsidy as well as how to support our subsidy sponsors.

Today, Claws Out! announces that development on the highly anticipated Anal Claw has begun in earnest. Sign up for our Claws Out! Newsletter for quarterly updates. Contact your local representative to sponsor Claws Out! subsidies.

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