The Disappointed Housewife is now on Facebook

Attention, readers of The Disappointed Housewife:

As our fifth year of publication comes to an end, we’re finally on Facebook. At the urging of a recent contributor, we thought we might as well go ahead and at least attempt to increase our readership by connecting with thousands of readers and writers there who have no idea we exist. It certainly can’t hurt!

If you’re on Facebook, pop by the TDH page and say hello. All of our future fiction, poetry, and CNF will be linked there for quick access. There will probably be occasional posts on what we’re looking for, what we’re seeing in other zines that we like, and the high- and lowlights of the online zine business. We have pet peeves, you know. All editors do. But we want to give writers their best chance at success, so we’ll share our complaints and desires transparently.

The place is sparsely furnished at the moment, but pay a visit to The Disappointed Housewife | Facebook and follow us. Tell your writing/reading friends too.

We look forward to a great conversation.