Best Small Fictions Nominations 2022

The Disappointed Housewife is pleased once again to nominate writers published in our virtual pages this year for the The Best Small Fictions anthology, assembled annually by Sonder Press. Our nominees are:

Why I’m Angry ~ fiction by Brooke Brannon

Reddit: Am I the Asshole? ~ Reddit thread by Caity Scott

Two Micro Stories ~ fiction by Jennifer Battisti

Enforced Job Break ~ fiction by Jim Meirose

But Who’s Counting? ~ fiction by Michael Cocchiarale

Congrats to all of them, and, readers, please take a little time to review these excellent pieces and to explore our backlist in all of our categories (see righthand sidebar for quick links).

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Thanks for your support, and I’m looking forward to publishing more dynamic, quirky, extraordinary writing in 2022.

Kevin Brennan
The Disappointed Housewife