Best of the Net Nominations

The Disappointed Housewife is delighted to announce the following nominations for the Best of the Net Anthology. This is our first set of nominations for Best of the Net, since the nominating process is a little arcane, but these writers deserve some extra attention for their stellar pieces and it was well worth jumping through some hoops to honor them.

Congratulations to all of them, and good luck!


Oranges (for Frank O’Hara) ~ Christina M. Rau

Alternative America ~ John Grey

On Paper ~ Holly Day

If I seem distracted, I’m working on my party trick ~ Lisa Bledsoe

Game Night ~ Julie Allyn Johnson

Letter to Bernadette Mayer ~ Andrew Romanelli



Two Micro Stories ~ Jennifer Battisti

Reddit: Am I the Asshole? ~ Reddit thread by Caity Scott



Two Guys Carrying a Toilet Into Taco Bell ~ Jacqueline Doyle

Precedence ~ Kathryn Pratt Russell