The Fruitfulness of Communication’s Moral Component ~ poetry by KJ Hannah Greenberg

Nonideological dialect contains dreams, habits, intuition, moreover
The construction of private/public meaning; few nonexperts embrace 
Make-believe’s robustness derived from lexes’ haunting resonances.

Consequently, meditation of integrity’s assembly arguments intimate  
Human interactions in the categorizing of heuristics, gets sacrificed
While reifying virtuous agreement arrays, equally apples’ acridness.

Popular, western epistemic fact/value divisions, suggest exclusivity 
Versus aesthetics/ techniques, not disparate from conflict literature,
(Can’t always contribute solutions or patch up spider-free bananas.)

Compared with nontraditional ingredients, forms of discourse, like
The socialization of knowledge, the growth of class understanding,
Show words’ impact on identity, render purple grapes high-priced.

Whereas institutions debar, they don’t ever empower the rest of us,
Overcoming repressive guidelines, endeavor to function privileged;
It’s others who limit methods to mangoes, melons, berries, oranges.

Henceforth, disproportionate disseminations of astuteness sort out
Significant contemporary procedures for sanctioning argots behind
Language, arouse group justice after toddlers implore for kumquats. 

Calls for co-operatively critiquing conflicts of note, else removing 
Philological echelons, authenticity, accountability rely on impetus,
On assessing messages’ symbolism, strawberries, likewise lychees.

In speaking truth to power, limes leave zilch, stay chronologically 
Primitive as temporal allocations. Shared benefit will not outshine
Extant urbane discontent afore coconuts’ or guavas’ awkwardness. 

Similarly, when common sense juxtaposes enhancing expressions,
Moral philosophy, viz. “righteous action” transforms provocations 
Effectively disputes even raspberries’ dupes or elderberries’ skins.

Conversely, if potterers supply “insights” to interaction’s outlines,
By entreating power for unraveling lingo’s mysteries, chief ranks,
Divisions among social strata, linger, tangerines, grapefruit decay.

Until communication’s reliably elevates individuals, we’ll clearly
Remain predisposed to discordant dialog. Aspiring reasoning, not 
Duplicated sound, actions, thought, will accede peculiar karondas.

‘cause when we label various “unifying” strategies, away from
Grasping periphrastic states, we’re obliged to boost excellence,
Assign roles, incorporate pigeon-holed produce into our salads.

KJ Hannah Greenberg captures the world in words and images. Her latest photography portfolio is 20/20: KJ Hannah Greenberg Eye on Israel. Her newest poetry collection is Rudiments (Seashell Books, 2020). Her most recent fiction collection is Demurral (Bards & Sages Publishing, 2020).

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