Grief Has Hidden My Picture ~ fiction by Ron Burch

It’s the one he took while we were standing outside The World Diner and I was caught off-guard and he was smiling and behind us, in the sky, Fourth of July, a chemtrail heart, hanging, before things changed, before the truth of our world changed. The photo was on the stand next to the bed. I’ve caught Grief before moving stuff around. I put something else there but nothing looks right. I finally find the picture buried beneath a red throw pillow, and when I go to put it back in its place, it no longer fits there either.

Ron Burch’s fiction has been published in numerous literary journals including South Dakota Review, Fiction International, and Mississippi Review, and his work has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize. His new novel, JDP, comes out in 2021 from BlazeVox books. He lives in Los Angeles.