Dear Zombie Lauren ~ poetry by Kristopher William Locke


I, acknowledging yr existence
An unknown percentile
O’ present day

Mutation of civilian
Reptile mute-deafened civilization
Through differing dialect

Between bandit and breather
Of paint red evenings out
Woman about town

Full familiar laughter
Gullets full fodder
A movable feast

Supply and demand of the resource
Pack rabid; feral
Craze-brained fundamentalists

With end time epidemics
Breaking down your defensive barricades
Soft celled walls


Sending in . . . the cavalry
Sending in . . . the cavalcade
Sending in . . . this last man on earth


With word counts the way they are meant to be
With hangers on

To letters of a noosed alphabet
Each n every precious one
Amongst mass suicides

Offered up as God’s Will
Amongst the Quislings
Islands of Secessionists

Side stepping Ankle Biters
Creepy Crawlies; Slack-jaw Yokels
Geeks n Ghouls

Kindly returning Regular Lauren
From this forest of

Hands and teeth

Kristopher William Locke is a poet and artist born, raised and situated in the Canadian prairies with experience in various mediums including radio, print, web and stage. Readers are invited to join him on the peaks and valleys that exist within, and despite, the flat prairie landscape of his homeland. The result is part of his shared collection of internal essays.

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