Three poems ~ poetry by Marc Darnell

obituary for a tornado

we will cherish
the 33 minutes
he had on earth
axled out of the sky
in the devil heat
of early spring an
ess butter knife

May baby, a Taurus
bull-strong for his age
a constant feeder
not letting go of
the earth’s bosom
unless to wail
like an ogre infant

a prodigy
he threw a house high
and turned a pond
to a cattail chaos
with a floating
drowned calf

he carved with
his alpha whip
crop circles
drove hay strands
into elms but
broke no glass not
one pane of the
not a bull after all



Is this rock bottom?
We’re a happy band of losers,
so smoke em if you got em

and be happy that the bedlam
above who called us boozers
is far from sweet rock bottom.

Let’s just ignore them–
we can’t sink any further,
so smoke em if you got em.

They’re gloating on their totem,
every one of them a user.
Come visit rock bottom–

not many winners fathom
the loneliness we charter.
We smoke em when we got em,

and drinking is our demon,
but beggars can’t be choosers
when you hit rock bottom,
so smoke em if you got em.


ruffled bedsheets resembling a corpse

walk the halls
try not to smell
these are people
who’ve lived
longer respect
them oh room
109 died today
wait until the
relatives leave
strip the bed
put the twisted
S of a bedsheet
in a bag with
the faded shit-
stained gown
wear gloves for
any c-diff
dust kill germs
high to low
this is the last
window she
looked out
the tv remote
fell from her
hand that’s how
they knew wipe
the gray hairs
from the shower
drain fold the
toilet paper to
a V erase her
life high to low

Marc Darnell is a facilities tech and online tutor in Omaha NE, and has also been a phlebotomist, hotel supervisor, busboy, editorial assistant, farmhand, devout recluse, and incurable brooder — leading to near auto collisions. He received his MFA from the University of Iowa, and has published poems in The Lyric, Eclectic Muse, Skidrow Penthouse, Shot Glass Journal, The HyperTexts, Candelabrum, Quantum Leap, Aries, Ship of Fools, Open Minds Quarterly, The Fib Review, Verse-Virtual, Blue Unicorn, and The Pangolin Review, among others.

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