Woman in the Doorway ~ poetry by Frank Beltrano

Frank Beltrano has written a poem and folded it into a paper airplane that was found and read and liked. That summer men landed on the moon. More recently, he has had two poems ride the London, Ontario buses, had a poem printed on a postcard, had the same award-winning poem printed on 1,000 posters. He has been published in journals, read poetry in bars, coffee shops, library basements and art galleries. Four years ago he erased his way to second place in Geist magazine, and he has tasted the cold Atlantic ocean dripping off a fingertip in January at a poets’ getaway in New Jersey. For the past three July’s, with several other London Poets, he has watched the sun set on Lake Huron again and again, and woke to write sonnets about it. Frank Beltrano enjoys coaxing others to write and create, and to this end is co-facilitator of the Writers’ Eye View creative writing workshops. He puts a lot of himself into his writing, and nothing makes him happier than making art.

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