The Disappointed Housewife is delighted to announce our first payment to writers thanks to the generosity of the readers.

Last month I created a “starving artists” fund, to which readers can make donations via PayPal. A convenient “donate” button is located in the sidebar to the right. And since the fund’s creation, we’ve collected a cool one hundred dollars.

For this first disbursement, it makes sense to spread the wealth rather than to concentrate it, so I’m paying out $10 to ten different writers whose work in The Housewife has been getting plenty of positive attention. The group includes five poets, four fiction writers, and two creators of “Faux Forms & Genres.” In singling them out, I’m not holding their work above that of other contributors but instead attempting to highlight what The Housewife is all about — unusual approaches, unique use of language, and the always-appreciated je ne sais quoi.

Here are the ten, with links to their contributions, and I hope they each find something interesting to buy with their sawbuck:


Barlow Adams

Pat Foran

Cathy Ulrich


Glenn Ingersoll

William Jackson

Gregory Kimbrell

Tina Parker

Jake Sheff


Kat Knuth

Adrian S. Potter

Many thanks to the individual readers who kicked in some dough, and I look forward to seeing the payment fund grow so we can pay our writers, ultimately, for each work that’s accepted.

Kevin Brennan
The Disappointed Housewife