Help Pay Our Writers With a Donation to The Disappointed Housewife

When The Disappointed Housewife launched, I tried to think of ways the contributors could get paid when I had no budget. I landed on the idea of PayPal “tips” made by readers directly to the writers. But this is a hit-and-miss approach and probably leaves most of the writers with little or no acknowledgment. I started thinking again …

Now you can support our writers by making small donations via PayPal to The Disappointed Housewife. In the sidebar to the right, you’ll find a new “Donate” button, which will take you to this page, where you can insert the amount you’d like to contribute:

You can even make this a monthly donation, if you’re so inclined, helping to ensure that our authors get a little something on a regular basis. (My business PayPal account receives the money, earmarked for The Disappointed Housewife, as shown.)

Your donations will go to periodic payments to writers and to website maintenance, which is currently a modest $48 per year. That means the writers get the lion’s share of all contributions.

Depending on the pool of funds available, I can 1) divide it among all the writers, 2) randomly select a group to receive a higher amount (in a monthly drawing, for example), or 3) reward the writers who get the most traffic in a given period. Possibly all of the above.

Please take a moment to toss a few dollars into our “starving artists fund,” and remember, you can still give to individual writers via their PayPal addresses published with their work.

Thanks in advance for your generosity.

Kevin Brennan
The Disappointed Housewife

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