bodies ~ a text collage by Hanuszkiewicz Marcin


 notes on the new bodies

 “An average affair with a fierce animal in a brick! … No one?”

The sermon! Tales of sapphires disturbed the root of the Moon – the first moonshine. Are the sacred ones the fungus, not the Moon’s mantle and the Moon’s moons? In those sloth skins a tickled elbow splashes.  –BODY CONTRABAND–IN THE LAUNDRY–


The drowning of beastly hairs, the testicles of the beloved, the bobbins, the corsets, the Pegdenite pebbles, the cobbled sea, the croc whom the crocodile bred interrupted by a transposition of the uterus. The inability of the time constrained – the result of deviation carrying over.
“Madam Honey! Scallops with dormant skulls!”
“One will be drowned and partial, his nature begging!”
The moon lice are found in the great breeding and some of them are puffed up on the flesh of the fungus. Mud brought crabs. Paranormal in the oboe! Blooms the stuffing of the horses –
The strong are made of lavender. The seeds of the lamb are a part of the ore. 302 millimeters of Earth-rot mozzarella! The gloomy gloomy gloomy glaucoma was shot with the cuckoo elephant. The lovers of the stingray are frankly the rats of the scorching fairy of the wasteland. The outer surface was formed by the acoustical disturbance (the ringing of the anathema layer of gasoline). The Sun is rising, the Sun is rising often (eradicating juvenile telepathy of the amphibians). The tibia, the follicle, the esophagus; cherries go out with duckweed and bite legs. Sow cells with a slug (tongue wrestles with a diarrhea). Water the crypts of the seashine. The eccentric lionesses, the matings, the matings, the matings, the matings, the matings, the matings of the moths! The herb of the Sun (we have a bronchial anneal in our cradle) sucking on the polyp to glisten the pleasantly ridiculous lunar eclipse of the moon on Zymeor. The tainted swarmed in a swollen crescendo into the visible, ate a single clitoris. The cowboys’ nymphs are pollinated.
“One of the eruptions of the arachnids – the cause of the ravages – the viewer and the grasshoppers like it.”
Bosom of the game.
“My hobbits are the Chedi Oranges!”
By the graves of 100 apes, by the beak, by the plow, by the tombstone called lava – there is the annual saturation of the fetus in the sky. The hedge hides the hedgehog in negligence. A nebula drowns in anemic days. Grafted passages inside the vernacular flutter, rattling, unsettling the Sorcery Code. The pods owe the hatchlings to the geo-beleaguers. The occasional grown-ups strangle the invisible order
–in the fashion of a hairdresser,
a watery crawler shovels
(on or off–the arrows) the figures
will leave to die–
They will admit that it would be worthwhile to conceive of conifers after the heat.
“The grotto is atomically orange, they are buffed.”
“Its spawn!”
The tick in the Book of the Pharaoh, pearly whimpering:
“I created the rapture. It is a gory bacteria.”
This solid is also a large poplar.
“Chalk fog is permanent.”
Knob of the rose’s fungal. Disability-waxed lip jumps.
“This may generate ółł ółł.”
“I’ll give you a chance to dunk, eat a steak (not a veal), a tech turkey covered with chrysanthema, a bit of ecstasy, and a cheeky stroboscopic diarrhea.”
Hear the middle of the morning in the poodle of Earth 2.
The oval of my naked body is a shade in the snow. Moon milk – the cause of the reduction. The dredged hermaphrodites, the subterranean  cynics – enough to fit in. (The caste transplant-
old Sun made higher
-was the burden of the Liturgy of the Lambs, the slaughter of rascals, and the burning in the Loving.) In the beginning of the day, the worlds of the word are visible to the naked eye. The apex of the ape is a scabbard, and the scabbard is swollen and scarlet. The oak felt the Orb of the Unicorn Turtles.
“Call the cobweb!”
The servant, the wolf, the poison of light stings the lion. The mermare, the darling of the lion, rides to war, and the Sun is shining brightly on the hollow lion, reluctant mycelium, facial bladder. The people of the village are the calligraphers. Clearing the Earth, they retracted

the folds of crimson
moons of non-migratory tribes of the meadows
plunge me into a whirl

I pierce the moon I am. The thick bubbly jungle is a habitat of notorious corpses. Green fungi are sure to sprout echoes of the Moon-
-variations will give you a specific question about the challenge.”
The Earth is woven from snores and earthworms, horizons formed in the midst of the race, the monotonousness of oneness. The Moon’s moon rises as the forerunner, the sovereign of the doves.
“With this machine you can maneuver in the margins of the Sun.”
The bastard scurries to the woods. The twisted travel of the rogue marshmallow mites:
“We are burning together to multiply something!”
A lion’s shadow suddenly hungers. The panicle of the panic attacks counters. The poltergeist says to the patriarchs:
“In this most profane, dreadful predicament, the diminished vertebra is the verb of the thorn.
Is an odor a tiara?
Rheums of the throat fight for a vicious infiltration of the past!
The motion, the sweat:
the witch’s plague platoon blasts out of the nostrils,
blossoms sow the sorceries of the sarcophagus strata.”

notes on the old bodies

Wire all that is!
Pursue not to lie.
Rise, day, teach me to write with thee, and give me my first sojourn.
Fruit – when thou thought time and the sons of Books!
Thou shalt praise,
and when I eat thy saying, I turn toward God’s troth.
Host the earth and thy genesis.
our innocent bloodless Ark
the hand of our glory
showed me the lord alive away
behold: they cut the name only
Fill them, slay them,
Ash sanctify them – the gods in them.
With prayer look out of the living;
all the mighty men of raiment mourning
to keep their chronicles precious.
thy soul cannot hear thee; I cast forth dead
noise dreams of cleansed sight and seven hands
the villages the Tower commands shall ordain wilderness upon my altars
and the waters that proclaim heaven will vex and rain within the people
old sea of the night to rule over them
“Me brought thee, we broke our sacrifices.”
“The horns!”
I walked to give them to the river
and make them sing
and the day besieged was heard
leaps the flesh, burning
souls fall
arise he shall
with bodies like chariots in multitude
let mouth destroy mercy

notes on the bodies to come

a mischievous Filer of Germination in Printed Cellular Technology
inserted power into the jaws found in the Protectorate of the Holy Swarm
from some matriarch palace a multi-prismatic architecture
extrinsic, occasional use, referred to as “quills” – obstructive:
cut the leafy bushes get a period of time on the lotus in the church

“A romantic erocide, molded matrices overdose, phagic conjunctiva!
The breastplate is ripe for us!“
“This is not the romance of the old-fashioned slurry of a thorn-tongued lollipop with a knee joint and dribble on the throat!”

glazed plants are called the functionally charged
in the 1st centuries chitons are also used for voyages, levitation
the leopard faction, the liaison of the lynx threshing Gothic style of the halon govt
beefy, hatched nymph nibbler
“the pillars of the buds in the embroideries with donuts curse” example

gloom-green bent triangular grooves were planted in this fetus
and the chapel of the source appeared to appear
fold the shape of the habitat for many species of the church
They remain because they grow up depending on the plants. The insectivores have adapted to the simplicity filled with stained glass. The system can be massively violet.

Drops of wisdom. The biggest one:

• the tissue of the outbreak and the shadowy structure
where there is a city transformed into juice
can be seen in renovation, in severe collapse
in various ratios
carpenters with elongated hangings
higher plants made of overwrought leaves
there are so regular repetitions in various stone puddles

they remain in the ground without elevation
(organisms are filamentous with the great one)
• wood
use of seeds – basic vaults of regional Gothic vaginas
building of cells with material masochists is called the chapel of gametophytes
they require the characteristic halo
the construction is favored by the snowy vineyards of the uppermost Silesia
flora’s becoming more and more common in the form of domes, pyramids

Hanuszkiewicz Marcin originates from the Polish part of Silesia and it is there that he lives and does most of the things he does, which is for example feeding neural networks with biological knowledge or being a graduate in literary studies. As an absurdist, he finds it most enjoyable to take walks in the woods and listen to birdsongs.

“bodies” is a text collage he made from outputs from neural networks he fed with articles about cnidarians, fungi, and the Moon.

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